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Online ordering (eZee Optimus)

Innovating with Online Ordering: eZee’s Commitment With the changing consumer landscape, restaurants are facing constant competition and adapting to the growing trend of online ordering. And eZee is not lagging behind. The Online Ordering Revolution with eZee Indeed, eZee is once again innovating by introducing online ordering, providing customers with a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient…
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New for hoteliers on Airbnb

Airbnb : Autoresponder, a Crucial Innovation for Hoteliers Airbnb: We’re delighted to introduce the long-awaited new feature for hoteliers on Airbnb: the automatic answering machine! No more worries about late responses to guests! Our automated function will take care of answering for them, while allowing you to personalise the message you want to send. Effective…
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eZee Optimus

New update

New feature: custom language for eZee Optimus 🍽🌐 A great new feature for eZee Optimus: Custom language support! 🌐🍽 This essential update enables our online ordering application, eZee Optimus, to offer enhanced accessibility thanks to personalised language support. Now, our partner restaurants can display all app content in the language of their choice, providing the…
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