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ISW Technosys is hotel management software provider company based in Cameroon whose success depends on the development of the hospitality industry through the provision of innovative technological solutions that contribute to offer our customers extraordinary experiences. ISW is eZee Technosys’s exclusive distributor partner in Central Africa.

ISW Technosys is one of the few global companies based in Cameroon to offer the complete range of integrated solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry. It offers products of high quality internationally recognized which meet all the needs of hotels, furnished residences and restaurants using the latest technology and regular upgrades and technical support online.

Our strength lies in the expertise and knowledge accumulated over the years in hotel projects in Cameroon. Isw Technosys is a company specialised in the sale of solutions for hotels and restaurants. For hotels we offer software ranging from accommodation (eZee Absolute; eZee Frontdesk; eZee Reservation; eZee Centrix; eZee Panorama) to restaurants (eZee Optimus; eZee Burrp; eZee iMenu), as well as reputation and customer feedback management (eZee iFeedback; eZee e-reputation).

For independent restaurants, we have the foodChow application which has two recipes: one recipe for users and one recipe for managers.


The Hospitality Industry is a constantly evolving sector with a set of solutions required by hoteliers and restaurateurs, as well as a multitude of services to offer to customers. It undergoes constant changes, which creates an urgent need for solutions that meet all kinds of requirements.

At the end of our study, we found that hotels in Cameroon and in the Central African sub-region are currently experiencing enough difficulties related to their manual management mode resulting in the waste of time during the processing of operations, such as the Reservations, the Customer Identification Form, the preparation of Invoices, errors in the calculation, the source of disputes between the hotel and its customers, the slowness in the preparation of daily, monthly and annual reports.

Given the complexity of a hotel's activities, a software solution is an element that facilitates good management for better decision-making in order to guide its general policy. In this context, Isw Technosys Ltd would like to offer hoteliers internationally recognized high quality products, which meet all the needs of hotels and restaurants wishing to use the latest technologies.


Digitalise the hotel sector in Central Africa and in Cameroon particularly through our range of solutions in order to align this sector with global standards.


The best experience for us and our customers in Central Africa.

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ISW Technosys Have years of business experience and provides best hotel and restaurant management solution in cameroon. Now specializing in working with hotels, resorts, restaurants and small business owners by offering the best hospitality management systems and solutions to help them improve the quality of their services.

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