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I Simplify your Work with Technology System

Desktop PMS

eZee Frontdesk

  • Front Office
  • Reservation management
  • Group reservation management
  • Back Office
  • Customer relationship management
  • Laundry management
  • Banquet management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Maintenance management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • eZee iReport
  • Multi-language pack
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eZee Burrp!

  • Reception and billing operations
  • Menu management and item modifiers
  • Table management
  • Menu display modes
  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen display system
  • Loyalty card and gift card
  • Head office module
  • Banquet management
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Integration with online food ordering portals
  • Third-party software and hardware integrations
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PMS Cloud

eZee Absolute

  • Reservation center
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Analysis and reporting of reception operations
  • Reservation management
  • Billing center
  • Rate management
  • Mobile portal for clients
  • Pre-arrival and post-departure email notifications
  • Online reservations
  • Back-office operations
  • PMS mobile application
  • Room maintenance management
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POS Cloud

eZee Optimus

  • Menu management
  • Table management
  • Order management
  • Billing operations
  • Security and stability
  • Custom report generator
  • Guest alerts and engagement
  • Multi-restaurant solution
  • Invoicing
  • Regular reports
  • Delivery management
  • Stock and inventory management
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Channel Manager

eZee Centrix

  • Centralized dashboard for distribution channel management
  • OTA and GDS connections
  • Mobile channel management
  • Instant automatic updates
  • PMS integration
  • Email marketing and scheduling
  • Rate parity
  • Rate management
  • Effortless rate parity maintenance
  • Competitor rate monitoring with Rate spider
  • Real-time updates
  • Exclusive account manager
  • Mobile channel manager
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Booking Engine

eZee Reservation

  • Unlimited commission-free reservations
  • Channel manager
  • Responsive user interface
  • Packages and promotions
  • Facebook integration
  • PMS integration
  • Google Hotel Ads
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Ready-to-use API integration
  • Hotel rate management
  • Centralized reservation system
  • Integration with PMS
  • Premium TripConnect partner
  • Payment gateway options
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Website Builder

eZee Panorama

  • Dedicated web designer
  • Multiple template options
  • Variety of themes
  • Multilingual support
  • Free hosting and SSL
  • Drag-and-drop elements
  • SEO-optimized website
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Multi-location/point of sale management. One website.
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Market place

eZee solutions seamlessly integrate with other software to enhance your hospitality, perceived value, and management.

Take advantage of integrations with marketing solutions, accounting software, scanners, electronic locks, and much more. Choose our comprehensive solutions and enjoy all the features you need for your business.

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eZee Mint

  • Real-time dynamic pricing
  • Comparative analysis
  • Proactive pricing approach
  • Micro-level price analysis
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Pickup report
  • Market overview
  • Strategy management
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