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Who are we?

ISW Technosys Ltd is the Central African sub-regional representative of the Indian giant Yanolja Cloud Solution, a global provider of hotel solutions including the eZee suite.

We are a passionate team, dedicated to providing the best value-added products and services to all our customers and partners. Our commitment to quality and proximity sets us apart.

We understand the specific challenges facing hotels and hospitality establishments in Central Africa, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Why ISW?

You’re wondering why you should choose us? Well, it’s simple: we’re a company with many years’ experience in the field of hotel technology. We have a number of strengths, including :

Local Expertise

As the local representative of Yanolja Cloud Solution, we have in-depth knowledge of the market and the hotel industry in Central Africa. We understand the specific needs of the region and can provide you with solutions tailored to your business.

Advanced Solutions

eZee products are recognised for their excellence and innovation in hotel management. As an authorised reseller, we offer you privileged access to these cutting-edge solutions, enabling you to improve the efficiency of your establishment and deliver an exceptional experience to your guests.

Customised Technical Support

Our experienced team is here to offer you personalised technical support 24 hours a day. We have resources available to answer your questions, solve your problems and guide you through your experience with eZee products.

Full Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training on our different products to help you maximise their use and get the most out of them. What’s more, our support team is on hand to help you at any time, giving you total peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Long-term partnership

We don’t just provide you with software solutions, we seek to establish a genuine long-term partnership. Our aim is to support your growth, meet your changing needs and help you achieve your business objectives.

Our philosophy

At ISW Technosys Ltd, we believe that technology has the power to transform the hospitality industry. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that help hoteliers automate operations, optimise revenues and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Our working philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars :



ISW Technosys Ltd’s mission is to help companies in the hospitality industry automate their management systems.



Making the automation of hotel management systems a reality in Central Africa and positioning it in a global context.


Core Values

To achieve its mission, ISW Technosys Ltd has adopted values such as Quality, Respect, Promptness and Efficiency.