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Stratégie tarifaire hôtelière

Strategies for Maximizing Hotel Revenue through Rate Type Management

Running a hotel is a complex and balancing act: you want to ensure all your rooms are booked and your guests are happy, but how do you set the right prices to make this happen? Well, that’s where “hotel rate types” come into play. They act as the secret ingredient that can help you achieve…
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Avantages concurrentiels

A complete hotelier’s guide to unique selling propositions

“Why should a guest choose your hotel over countless others?” This age-old question lies at the heart of every hotelier’s quest for success in a fiercely competitive industry. In a world where choices seem infinite, how does your hotel stand out? How do you make sure guests choose your establishment over the sea of alternatives?…
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revenus auxiliaires

Strategies for successful ancillary revenues in hotels

Ever thought about how hotels can pocket some extra cash beyond just renting out rooms? Well, here’s a trick called “ancillary revenue.”  It is when a hotel offers additional services or packages to enhance a guest’s stay. For example; providing exclusive conference room packages, spa services, or even collaborating with local travel agencies for city tours. These supplementary…
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expérience de voyage

9 important changes your hotel needs to make in 2024

Hotels are a crucial part of any travel experience, and every year the dynamics of travel and hospitality keep on changing. Meaning, accommodation providers need to constantly upgrade themselves to cater to the needs and wants of people. For the year 2024, it’s important to ensure your hotel is up to standard. And if you’re…
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10 attractive activities that hotels can use to attract guests

Have you ever thought about how some hotels are super popular among guests? It’s not always about comfortable or luxurious stays; it’s about making an experience that holds a lasting impression, even after they leave. Want your hotel to be one of them? With some creative thinking, you can offer unique activities that perfectly meets…
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marketing d’influence

4 Strange myths about influence marketing for hotels you must know

Have you heard about ‘influencer marketing’? It’s an endorsement of a product or a brand by any public figure. As a matter of fact, I’m a local influencer too. If you visit my Instagram page, you will come across various posts promoting hotels and off-beat destinations. Earlier, businessmen and marketers used to approach celebrities for…
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opérations hôtelières hotel operations

10 ways to improve hotel operations

Despite the constantly evolving hotel industry, it is essential to understand that daily hotel operations form the foundation of the customer experience. Customers evaluate the quality of hotel operations as a key element when judging a hotel. Therefore, these operations must ensure the delivery of quality products and services while collaborating with different divisions of…
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Commande en ligne

Online ordering (eZee Optimus)

Innovating with Online Ordering: eZee’s Commitment With the changing consumer landscape, restaurants are facing constant competition and adapting to the growing trend of online ordering. And eZee is not lagging behind. The Online Ordering Revolution with eZee Indeed, eZee is once again innovating by introducing online ordering, providing customers with a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient…
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New for hoteliers on Airbnb

Airbnb : Autoresponder, a Crucial Innovation for Hoteliers Airbnb: We’re delighted to introduce the long-awaited new feature for hoteliers on Airbnb: the automatic answering machine! No more worries about late responses to guests! Our automated function will take care of answering for them, while allowing you to personalise the message you want to send. Effective…
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Intégration Cleartax

GST and electronic invoicing: updates for the hotel industry!

Electronic invoicing has revolutionized the way businesses, including the hospitality industry, manage their invoicing processes. With the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it has become even more crucial for hotels to adopt electronic invoicing systems to ensure compliance and streamline their operations. E-invoicing eliminates the need for traditional paper-based invoices by digitizing…
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